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nasi goreng (indonesian stir-fried rice)

I recently introduced a new system into our kitchen. John received this news with the usual whole-hearted enthusiasm that he reserves for my systems, but nonetheless, I think you will agree, it is an excellent system. Here is how to try it out:

Take one set of post-it note page markers, in four colours, and a selection of recipe books. Mark your pages as follows. Colour 1: “Mmm, this looks delicious”. Colour 2: “I was so right, this was delicious”. Colour 3: “Tried it, not brilliant, but edible”, and Colour 4: “That was dreadful. Let’s never sully our palates with this again”.

Clear winner in the most-used recipe book category turned out to be Rick Stein’s Far Eastern Odyssey – which ended up with a veritable forest of post-its (until I ran out of the “delicious” colour half-way through, that is, forcing me to abandon the whole idea until more could be procured).

My intention was to cook one of my favourite recipes from the book, – Indonesian stir-fried rice – take some attractive-enough photographs of it, and then tell you how you, too, can share the joy. However, due to the kind of minor roof-related issue that results in an indoor water butt made from a margarine tub, some hosepipe and a bin, none of the light switches downstairs are currently operational. This means that the only photograph I have to show you is the one above, quite a long way off both attractive and appetising. I promise you better things next time, and a quite delicious recipe (despite everything) this time.

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